Viviane Spanoghe

The teacher

Viviane Spanoghe has been active at the KCB since 1988, and is now Professor of Cello and Chamber Music.  

Demanding yet patient, her work highlights not only the technicalities of music but also endeavours to communicate a wider approach of that art as a unique source of personal and social inspiration. 

Viviane Spanoghe gives occasional master classes for students including gifted children, and is available for coaching in preparation for auditions, competitions and concerts.

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Capture from a teaching situation on february 27th  2015 in the Brussels Conservatory:  flageolett repetition passage in "Metsä ja uni" (Forest and dream) for cello solo by Olli Virtaperko, played by Jenni Harra.


Quotes from ex-students

In my point of view the word that best summarizes her teaching is 'holistic'. None of the many aspects of being a musician are left aside in her teaching. She doesn't only teach us how to play the cello, even though her teaching method gives us all the tools to necessary to face and conquer any and every technical challenge one can imagine. Above all she teaches us true artistry, helping each and >every student find their own, individual voice, and this she does with such patience and wisdom, knowing what each of us most needs at the moment! Jenni Harra, Finland, september 2016


Probably that's the core of her teaching, as it appears to me: to make it clear to any student, in a very intelligent, indirect way, that you're the one who has to do it.
Listen to this' or 'I heard this orchestra-piece, it might inspire you', and of course the tremendous amount of musical and technical knowledge and experience: it's all there to take, or to leave. 
I took some, left some, and I'm taking more probably every day.    Benjamin Glorieux


Je garde de ses cours des souvenirs très vifs.
Energie, générosité, caractère, spontanéité, profondeur...
Sa connaissance instrumentale et musicale est époustouflante!
Ses idées et conseils résonnent encore en moi aujourd'hui...    Catherine Lebrun


Hace lo necesario para que podamos entender y aprender... Asi tengamos que tirarnos al suelo a respirar.
She does whatever is necessary so that we can understand and learn...and sometimes that even includes lying on the floor and doing breathing exercises.
Lo da todo por sus alumnos, nos conoce y enseña a cada uno en funcion de sus necesidades.
She gives everything for her students; she knows us and teaches to us in a way that responds to each of our individual needs.    Mauro Sarahian


Wat ik altijd het meest appreciëerde, is hoe ze ons leerde een stuk muziek aan te pakken. Hoe kom je op de proppen met een "interpretatie" van een stuk op gebied van stijl en sfeer?
Hoe geef je betekenis aan een stuk muziek? Om het met één begrip te zeggen:muzikale welsprekendheid.    Jan Baerts